Yo, dinosauw episode 1 is up and running...low on good ratings that is, so if you have time go and watch and rate dinosauw's first "adventure".

Yay, new animations coming soon!

" what mr janga is going to do some work? impossible"!

Dinosauw is done and new things on the way.

Dinosauw episode 1 is out now, so go and see what you think of it.

New animations coming soon.

"fear is here, ha ha ha ha"

Dinosauw needs you help. Save the Dinosauw!


2008-12-28 12:35:46 by hellsshadows

Dinosauw Episode 1 is currently being made by mrjanga! Check out his user page for more updates on how Dinosauw is going!


Hard Hard Quiz Coming Soon

2008-10-05 13:12:24 by hellsshadows

mrjanga is finishing it off, then it will be out! Check out mrjanga's user page for more info.

Hey yo check out my channel

2008-03-02 12:37:20 by hellsshadows


Ultimate Pacman

2008-01-13 13:18:50 by hellsshadows

Yeah, it's a game I'm making with mrjanga. He is doing all the flash work, I might draw some of the levels, and I have all the ideas for it. Here is the picture of ultimate pacman by mrjanga.

Ultimate Pacman